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What is hypochlorous acid (HOCl)?

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a weak acid naturally produced by our white blood cells to combat pathogens, therefore it is a safe acid that our body uses daily. HOCl has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties.

What makes JAM different from other products?

Our HOCl Undergoes a proprietary manufacturing process to produce pure and stable hypochlorous acid that contains no salts, no sodium hypochlorite (bleach), no chlorates, and no other well-known impurities.

How safe are JAM products?

Yes, all our products are non-toxic and safe. Even if it were ingested by accident, it causes no harm.

Do JAM products contain fragrances? What do they smell like?

Our products do not contain any fragrances or essential oils. Our solutions have a very slight chlorine smell upon dispensing, which dissipates almost immediately.

What is the difference between JAM+ and JAM SKIN?

The difference between JAM+ and JAM SKIN is the concentration. They are each specially formulated for different applications.

Where is JAM manufactured?

JAM is manufactured in Singapore.

What is the shelf-life of JAM products?

Please refer to the dates on the product packaging. For optimal shelf life, store in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. Do not mix JAM hypochlorous acid into or with any other products.


Is JAM+ HOCl as effective as alcohol or bleach at disinfecting?

HOCL is more effective at eliminating viruses, bacteria and fungi due to its faster activation time and stays active for up to 4x longer when applied to skin or surface, and eliminates a broader range of harmful microorganisms than alcohol and bleach.

JAM+ HOCl comparison

How is JAM+ HOCl different from bleach?

While both hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and bleach include chlorine, they have different chemical formulas and hence, different properties.

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) = main ingredient in bleach

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) = active ingredient in JAM+

Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) is most effective at a neutral pH of 5-6.5. Sodium hypochlorite/bleach exists at pH 11-13, which is highly alkaline and corrosive. When in contact with the skin or eyes, it causes irritation and potential burns. .

What are the applications of JAM+ Skin & Surface Spray?

JAM+ spray can be used as hand/skin sanitizer, disinfectant on almost any surfaces, and treatment of minor wounds.

Electronics: mobile phones, keyboards, mouse, headsets, etc.

Daily necessities: masks, door handles, keys, clothing, backpacks, yoga or gym mats, etc.

Household: furniture, bathrooms, toilet seats, floor, kitchen, tableware, utensils, etc.

Children's products: car booster seats, toys, utensils, etc.

Outdoor: all kinds of door handles, elevator buttons, shopping cart, menus, etc.

Minor wounds: cuts, minor burns, minor irritation, rashes, skin abrasions, and open blisters.

How does JAM+ HOCl manage and promote wound healing process?

Treatment with JAM+ results in effective debridement and reduction in biofilm, which leads to progressive wound healing.

  • Prevents wound infection and biofilm formation
  • Reduces wound odour and pain
  • Painless application
Is JAM+ safe for pets, children, and pregnant women?

JAM+ spray is formulated without fragrances, alcohol, bleach, or any harsh chemicals. It is non-toxic and safe for use around pets, children, and pregnant women.

Is JAM+ food safe?

JAM+ Spray is non-toxic, safe to be used on food preparation surfaces, and poses no harm if accidentally ingested in small amounts.

Is JAM+ safe to use regularly?

JAM+ is non-toxic and safe to use regularly. We suggest using it as often as you can, to disinfect and sanitize regularly.


How does JAM SKIN HOCl aid in acne, blemishes, and chronic skin conditions?

HOCl has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties for fighting acne and skin infections. It also soothes and repairs skin damaged by chronic skin conditions.

How does JAM SKIN HOCl facilitate positive skin aging changes?

HOCL stimulates the growth and multiplication of skin cells and the organization of more healthy tissues underneath the outer layers of skin. This results in improving and restoring the look and feel of the skin.

What skin types is JAM SKIN suitable for?

JAM Skin is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Can JAM SKIN be used along with other products?

JAM Skin may be used on its own or added to your current beauty regimen. We suggest using JAM Skin Mist first as your base before applying any other products.

Is JAM SKIN safe for pregnant women?

JAM SKIN is non-toxic, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Is JAM SKIN safe to use regularly?

JAM SKIN is non-toxic and safe to use regularly. We suggest using it after cleansing or throughout the day as needed.